Dr. Bipin Deshpande






Services Offered :
  • Dermatology Consultation & Treatment for all your Skin, Hair & Nail problems
  • Consultation & Treatment of all Cosmetic Dermatological problems
  • Laser Consultation & Treatment of all Skin & Hair problems (hair removal & hair regrowth)
  • Skin Surgery (Scarless, Stitchless) of all skin lesions, blemishes, scars, extra growths, moles
  • Special Advance Treatments for Dark Circles, Hyperpigmentation, Acne 
  • Advance Treatment for all Non-healing Wounds, Diabetic Wounds
  • Home Treatment for Bed Sores
  • Soft laser Treatment for Hair Lost
  • Fractionan Laser/RF for Acne Scars

Products :

Derma Color from Germany
BioBeam Equipments from Israel
Professional Aesthetic Products

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