Dr. Bipin Deshpande


Acne Treatments

Phototherapy, Intense Pulsed Light, Chemical Peels

L I G H T   T H A T   T R E A T S   &   B E A U T I E S . . . . . . .Phototherapy developed in Israel by Biolight of Syro Technologies Ltd. For understanding more about phototherapy please refer to "research papers".

Intense Pulsed Light from U.K. having electromagnetic spectrum ranging from 500 -1200 nm controls Acne very fast & clears the post-acne spots quickly

Chemical Peels with a wide range of combinations from Spain, France, Italy, U.S help clear Acne , its pigmented spots & improve scars remarkably

For viewing some results refer to following case studies.

Severe Acne Before Treatment & Excellent Clearing After Treatment with smooth texture
This treatment can give very good remission. It is very safe for Pregnancy Acne
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