Dr. Bipin Deshpande


Face Rejuvenation

Look Young in minutes, Stay Younger for years, Keep looking Young Always ! 
Facial Rejuvenation amounts to removing the features of facial skin ageing, thus making the skin look young & refreshed once again.
This can be achieved using single or combination of treatments.
While simple treatments of Microdermabrasion & Chemical Peel help to smoothen fine wrinkles & lighten pigment to improve features of early ageing, Radiofrequency Ablative Technique helps remove 'Age Spots' & other extra growths on face due to ageing in single treatment. While 'instant wrinkle erasers' like 'Botox' & 'Fillers' help clear wrinkles & folds quickly, Radiofrequency Non-ablative Technique tightens the loose, lax, sagging skin thus giving an excellent 'Face-lift' effect to enhance the 'Face Value'.  
Prominent Nasolabial Fold in middle aged female
Before Treatment
Obvious Softening of N-L Fold
Improvement of skin texture after single treatment
Prominent Nasolabial Folds, Marionette Lines
Before Treatment
Softening of all Lines after 2 months
Post-treatment results are durable


Marvellous benefits of Radiofreq.
Non-ablative Treatment

Prominent Forehead Wrinkles
Before Treatment
Much Softening of Wrinkles
After 3 months


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