Dr. Bipin Deshpande


Skin Surgery

Radiofrequency Surgery - A Virtual  Laser 

Ultra-high 4 MHz Radiofrequency waves are used for fine cutting & levelling of skin lesions. Ellman Dual Frequency Surgitron equipment developed by Ellman International, New York, USA are the pioneers in this technology. This technique causes minimum heat at the cutting site which further causes minimal lateral tissue damage. Its cut is one of the thinnest & hence this method is the best for any skin surgeries on face. Ellman Radiofrequency Surgery is a versatile technique for removing any skin lesion on any area of body. Its cut is very fine, bloodless. There is very less post-operative pain. It is a suture-less technique. This surgery is a 'Scarless' technique as well. For more information you may connect to www.ellman.com.
View the results below :  
Superfine Mole Removal
Mole before Radiofrequency Surgery  
Stitchless, Scarless
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